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he Chinese ●team at the 2〓015 FIVB Volley●ball Women's Wor〓ld Cup and■ the 2016 Summ■er Olympics."○The Asian Games were● special," said■ Zhu. "Every te■am and every ■spiker have their〓 own characteri〓stics and are worth 〓learning from," she ■said.Young spi〓ker Li Yingy■ing were also exc●ited about the● win and s■aid she had le●arnt a lot● from the Games. "Af●ter so many matc○hes here, I feel◆ that I now have bet■ter control of th●e ball," said th●e 18-year-old Li.A〓s captain, Zh■u was also happy◆ for the team's g●rowth. "We a●re turning better◆ in a few aspe○cts that h○ad previou○sly been our weak■ points. Our yo○ung players ar○e also doing better○ and better,"

■ she said.The next ●challenge fo●r the Chinese Oly■mpic champions● will be the FIVB● Women's World Ch●ampionship that wil●l kick off la〓ter this mon●th in Japan."To ac○hieve good resu●lts at wor◆ld-level game○s, we have t●o top the Asian te〓ams first,"■ said coach Lang ●Ping.Zhu said◆ that just like they■ had prepare●d for the Asia○d, the team would al●so be dedicated ■to preparing for t■he upcoming World Ch◆ampionship and〓 analyze every o■pponent."Ever●y team is d●ifferent, and〓 every game is a〓lso different. We wi◆ll learn from t○he different games ●against diffe〓rent opponents an■d do better in○ the future," s■he said.Please sc■an the QR Code to fo◆llow us

today," Lang ?/a>
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